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Synonyms for brownish-gray

of grey tinged with brown

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1 cm length) brownish-gray colored cricket that inhabits the desert southwest (Fig.
It is lithologically represented by brownish, brownish-gray clays with jarosite tarnish and inter-layers of gray, fine-grained sandstones, and by marlaceous and sideritic concretions.
Within moments, the Saugus smoke went from brownish-gray to ominous black, and the Santa Fe Springs contingent joined the dozens of fire departments called in to help.
Later they grow brownish-gray hair before leaving the nest.
Head sooty-slate, rather than black, contrasting with the brownish-gray upperparts, which are more olivaceous than in T.
This rhyolite generally is a light-yellowish-brown to a light brownish-gray color, iron stained to a reddish color where pyrite is abundant.
Low Relief" focuses on London's characteristic but normally negligible brownish-gray plumage as an object of aesthetic attention.
She, Gregory and Rosen had been in the back yard minutes before, looking at the brownish-gray haze in the sky.
HY/SY of both genders (Aug-Jul) has body and tertials entirely green, primary coverts brownish-gray with little or no dull green edging.
HY/SY (Aug-Jul) has brownish-gray primary coverts with little or no dull green edging, crown dull-gray, sometimes washed brown and/or with greentinged feathers, and contrasting indistinctly with back at nape (yellow-green); rectrices narrow, pointed, brownish, and relatively worn.
From a distance, the four sculptures looked remarkably alike--each resembling a rough-edged, brownish-gray rock.
Three years ago Daniels gained attention for canvases based on his own torn-cardboard tableaux of famous paintings: Cheap, homey material stood in for Mont Sainte Victoire or Caravaggio's David with the Head of Goliath, painstakingly reproduced, with Vija Celmins-esque levels of detail, in small brownish-gray paintings.