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Synonyms for brownish-black

of black tinged with brown


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Head blackish, contrasting with the upperparts, which are brownish-black with a suffusion of gray, especially toward the rump.
Crossing our path about 40 yards ahead was a moderately large brownish-black animal that I recognized to be a wolverine.
Brownish-black in colour, peat is a material formed from the partial decomposition of plants under very wet, acidic conditions primarily found in bogs and fens.
Blue-purple following a recent injury and brownish-black later in the healing process, these round spots at the proximal edge of the nail, as well as filamentous patterns at the end of the nail, strongly suggest subungual hemorrhages rather than melanocytic pigmentation.
A brownish-black pigment called melanin determines the color of the iris.
Brownish-black deposits indicating the presence of ATPase in the stained tissue sections were then examined under light microscopy.
Some of these cells contained brownish-black pigment in the cytoplasm.
8 cm wide at apex, hollow but stuffed with a cottony matrix, tapering to base; yellowish above, brown to brownish-black below, scurfy, fibrous; no annulus.
flames licked at her left arm, where an ugly, brownish-black liquid was spreading, like hot, sticky syrup.
University scientists in Vermont and Minnesota have already conducted some biological control tests with this little brownish-black insect.
Asphalt, a brownish-black goo of hydrocarbons left over from oil refining, acts as the glue that holds together a mix of rocks and sand to form paving material.
But the neighbor kids, from a dozen homes on the block, certainly have taken a shine to the brownish-black calf with the white face.
The pigments are either brownish-black or reddish-gold.
Mesonotum with 4 distinct brownish-black stripes and a light median band.