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a yellow color of low lightness with a brownish tinge

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Black, T1 dark brownish; A1, mandibles and legs including coxae light brownish yellow, A2-A10 and tegulae medium to dark brown; in the paratype, A2-A6 are also light brownish, and thickened part of femora, of mid and hind tibiae, and last segment of tarsi faintly darkened.
Endites and labium dark reddish brown, brownish yellow at distal ends.
32) In the second half, then, Michelangelo resorted to a dull brownish yellow for the balusters, using gold leaf only for the streaky vertical highlights.
Its skin starts off green, turning, as it ripens, to a brownish yellow and has a warm green flesh.
Bartletts should be pale to rich yellow, Anjou or Comice should be light green to yellowish green, Bosc should be greenish yellow to brownish yellow.
Batiks in the traditional style of central Java are mainly indigo blue-black and brown; secondary colors are deep red and brownish yellow.
pallidinervis, the scutellum is black; the legs are brownish yellow with all femora blackened except for each distal end, fore tibia weakly infuscated with dark brown medially, mid tibia narrowly and hind tibia broadly blackened medially, all tarsi pale yellow (Becker 1911; Kanmiya 1983).
10 Flagellum yellow or brownish yellow with apical 4 or 5 flagellomeres black, strongly contrasting with other segments (Fig.
Shin spots (pigmented patches on the leg) and brownish yellow areas with waxy surface on the leg have been implicated in late diabetes and are often associated with complications of the eye and kidney.
In the one exception, the second-largest of the paintings on view, about which more later, the colored parts of the painting appear as an uneven mix of two colors, so that certain passages of the very watery blend favor a pinkish-purplish tinge, while others lean more toward brownish yellow.
Eyes contiguous on frons, brownish yellow, with distinctly enlarged upper facets.
Scutellum brown"--In the HT the scutellum is brown with shiny spots at seta bases; in the recently-collected specimens the scutellum is brownish yellow, with blackish spots around the bases of the setae.
In fact the muted colors of the red, black, brownish yellow, brown, pink, green, and blue violet forms were not applied with a brush or a palette knife, nor were they printed.
Antennal scape blackish brown; pedicel brownish yellow to pale brown; 1st flagellomere brownish yellow to pale brown, nearly 1.
8); anepisternum with wide brownish yellow vertical spot; mediotergite slightly brownish yellow; setae and setulae black or brown.