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a yellow color of low lightness with a brownish tinge

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Palpus brownish yellow and triangulate (obtuse scalene shape) (Fig.
Black, T1 dark brownish; A1, mandibles and legs including coxae light brownish yellow, A2-A10 and tegulae medium to dark brown; in the paratype, A2-A6 are also light brownish, and thickened part of femora, of mid and hind tibiae, and last segment of tarsi faintly darkened.
Diagnosis: Female macropterous; blackish brown with red hypodermal pigment, the living individuals have tube reddish; antennal segments blackish brown except segment III brownish yellow, pale brown distally; setae brown yellowish; fore wings slightly shaded around margins and in a medial longitudinal line; clavus and sub-basal area brown.
Bw: 17-49/69 cm, yellowish brown (10YR 5/6) moist and brownish yellow (10YR 6/6) dry, prismatic structure, sandy loam texture, friable consistence, common rock fragments, few fine roots, diffuse, broken boundary
altamirae but clearly differs from that species by the small size, narrower ocellar triangle (distance between posterior ocellus comparated with distance between posterior ocellus and eye), longer malar space; anterior part of mesopleuron more evenly punctate (not present only centrally), subalar prominence forming a sharp flange; mesosoma yellow with black marks on the mesoscutum (not longitudinal black vittae), propodeum brownish yellow, legs yellow and metasoma reddish brown.
Antenna: Segment I pale brownish yellow, with basal third dark brown to fuscous; segment II pale brownish yellow, becoming dark brown to fuscous on distal half; segments III and IV dark brown, with only the base of III pale brownish yellow.
They are green when tender and brownish yellow when ripe and have a sweet fragrance [3].
Others were a brownish yellow and others were brown.
Kentucky coffeetree is not as red as red oak, it is more of a brown, sometimes brownish yellow, with a pretty, big, bold grain.
Southern Florida near Lake Placid Sosippus placidus Sternum and ventral surface of abdomen cream to brownish yellow 4 4(3).
In every case where there was careful work done, from Viking to Global Surveyor to Pathfinder to the Hubble Space Telescope," said Matthew Golombek, project scientist for NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission, "it's actually brownish yellow.
Soldermask is green because when it was originally produced, the base resin was brownish yellow in color and the hardener was very muddy brown and when you mixed them together you got green.
7 3Cg2 152-183 Grey (10YR 6/1) fine sandy loam; water; common medium prominent brownish yellow (10YR 6/6) irregular iron masses throughout; moderately acid; n value <0.
In Fading Storm, Outgoing Tide (2000), the canvas divides into three broad sectors: a burst of orange-yellow oil interrupting the wide, horizontal brushstrokes of dark paint in the sky's notched rectangle; on the right side, the land occupies an upright and narrow rectangle, in which streaks of green, yellow, and white emerge from among a welter of blues, blacks, and browns; the figure-eight, itself divided lengthwise into brownish yellow and whitish portions, sits in the sea's wide, dark rectangle.
The friend said: "She said Hindley stank of cigarette smoke and her fingers and hands were a horrible brownish yellow colour.