browned off

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greatly annoyed

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but Scarlett Johansson is clearly so browned off with her natural tan she's covered it with make-up.
Just |the thing for secret Santas, she won't be browned off with St Moriz's tan set, PS5 from Outfit The red |shoes.
Asked why she had become browned off as a brunette, the former Countdown star, 54, told pal Lorraine: "Blondes have a lot more offers of fun.
Later we find out who's browned off to have been rejected with Jo.
PRISON officers were browned off after inmates in a rooftop protest were offered sun cream.
He then creates what he calls a closed sandwich, trimming up the edges, and frying it in butter and oil until browned off.
We have sampled the best bronzers in town so there's no need for you to be browned off | GOSH Giant Sun Bronzer, PS13.
Cook the meatballs for a couple of minutes on each side until they are just browned off.
33 BAKING Don't get browned off by your choc treats.