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Synonyms for brown-nose

flatter with the intention of getting something


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more ocean-going royal toadying from BBC brown-noser Andrew Marr.
He broke a stunned silence, turning to the brown-noser, raising his glass and saying: "And you are an effing creep.
Carrying the clubs for this Latin Lover of himself, is the ultimate brown-noser, golfshoe-licking toady, El Ramon.
Brown-noser Luke has been busy making sure he's everyone's best friend.
Brown-noser Grogan hedged his bets at Prime Minister's Question Time by praising both the PM and the Chancellor.
He's the brown-noser who delivered Quality Street chocolates to a tyrant in possession of a genocide programme Hitler himself would have envied.
Why a paper with a working-class readership employs an upper- class brown-noser like you is beyond me.
After all, as one brown-noser pointed out, "Wills was a country lad.
Meanwhile, three bonus points to Alan Hansen for exposing Jimmy Hill as the brown-noser we all suspected he was.
Aquarian bosses prefer employees who aren't moody, and finally Scorpio bosses can spot a brown-noser a mile away.
But, as ITV's Simon Cowell brown-nosers dutifully paraded a few genuinely funny excerpts from around the world in their promotional clips' show Planet's Got Talent, they scored a spectacular own goal.
No, he knew he couldn't so after the incoming tide washed around his feet he told the brown-nosers "Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings.
We are still suffering the political consequences of this megalomaniac's folly, even though many of our countrymen have never stopped believing the myth of his greatness that he cultivated during his autocratic rule with the assistance of self-serving brown-nosers and gullible simpletons.
Seeing this, the toadies, sycophants, brown-nosers and petit bourgeois of the Edwardian era followed his lead and acquired their own Panamas and - lo and behold - a uniform was born.
Petersen is the highest-ranking person I have ever observed to travel anywhere, even down the hall, without a cavalcade of briefcase-holders and brown-nosers swirling around him.