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Synonyms for brown-nose

flatter with the intention of getting something


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Has not brown-nosed Gordon just returned from cosying up to China's leaders to grab export orders at any cost from the world's fastest growing economy?
But the parking attendant said: "J-Lo didn't want to pay up, but I brown-nosed and said I'd polished her motor because I was so proud to have driven it.
by wreaked on of lives She brown-nosed despots like Pinochet, propped up apartheid in South Africa, saw off a Third World military power in the South Atlantic and cynically claimed she had made Britain great again.
Or maybe he's just brown-nosed Bono one too many times that he can't see the wood for the trees.
The beef between the Aussie authorities and the website, which is owned by Wisden, dates back three years to a domestic one-day game at the Gabba when Cricinfo described the batsman (left) as "a brown-nosed Gnome".