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Synonyms for brown-green

of green tinged with brown

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dengii Habitat shady places or on rocks Altitude 500-1300 m Rhizomes long-creeping Scales dark brown, lanceolate Frond texture thickly chartaceous at dry Frond length 20-27 cm Frond shape triangular-lanceolate, 5-8 cm wide, widest at base Frond base lightly hastate or obliquely cuneate Frond color brown or brown-green at dry Lateral veins lightly oblique, visible Sori round, smaller, borne in 1-2 row between the lateral main veins
A sign optimistically announces the opening of a restaurant - its entrance just metres from the brown-green sludge pools.
Given the space, there's nothing more pleasing than a bed of mixed grasses ranging from the blue Festuca glauca to the spiky brown-green Pennisetum and the green-striped leaves of Phalaris arundinacea.
When it came to lawns, we learned to appreciate the color off-green, brown-green.
The 'photographic' paintings depict a brown-green line of algae growing on buildings that marks the average high-tide level at the time.