brown trout

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speckled trout of European rivers

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Certain fish farmers consider polyculture of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brown trout (Salmo trutta ssp) useful, while others find it useless and consider that polyculture affects growth negatively.
There is an abundant supply of landlocked alewife that provides amble forage for a trophy brown trout and salmon fishery.
I collected adult brown trout (n = 51, mean total length = 327 mm, range 250-530 mm) by hook and line or netting, implanted each with a transmitter, and monitored them by radio telemetry from 17 May to 6 December 1991 (Table 1).
Rainbow trout will compete with our natural wild fish for food, and if illegal restockings like this were not detected and stopped there could be a significant impact on the already-endangered stocks of wild brown trout.
It was said that the wild brown trout in Welsh rivers and lakes are similar to free range chickens as they too taste better than hatchery-bred ones.
He said: 'We are looking to play on Carron's strengths and maintain its exclusivity as Scotland's premier brown trout water.
Brown trout also have been stocked intermittently at Crowley, and many reproduce naturally.
Rheidol's Peter Bevan and Ivor Hopkins helped to transport surplus brown trout to the River Gowy, at Mickle Trafford, in a special tank.
MORE than 80,000 gallons of farm slurry has poll-uted a major brown trout breeding river in the west of Ireland, killing hundreds of fish.
Heaviest brown trout of the opening week weighed in at 5lb 4oz for Northwich angler Ian Wilkinson who fished off Farborough Dam using a Tadpole lure.
DEC is stocking larger, two-year old brown trout into numerous waters across the state.
Depending on the quality of water where brown trout (Salmo trutta) live, tissues involved in a fish's response to stress vary markedly in appearance, says David O.
Non-native species of trout such as rainbow, brook and brown trout have been introduced in waters that historically were the domain of Montana's native fish such as the cutthroat.
James Tocker caught a 14lb 2oz salmon on the worm and also a 3lb 4oz wild brown trout from the Rothbury area.
TERRY Bromwell and Paul Jenkins fished Merthyr Tydfil AA's Mardy beat on the River Usk and caught a number of brown trout to 2lb on nymphs and dry flies.