brown thrasher

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common large songbird of eastern United States having reddish-brown plumage

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These included 101 mourning dove nests (1024 exposure days), 54 yellow-billed cuckoo nests (575 exposure days), 56 brown thrasher nests (666 exposure days), and 57 northern mockingbird nests (731 exposure days).
The brown thrasher flew down from its perch and, sitting on the table just across from him, crapped again.
Like Galligan and others (2006) we found a particularly high predation rate in robins and brown thrashers which have larger more conspicuous nests often placed in the interior portions of larger shrubs and trees.
Nest reuse is a plastic behavior that is regularly observed, albeit uncommonly, in a number of species including brown thrashers (Toxostoma rufum; Cavitt et al.
The species with the highest seropositivity (>10% and >1 positive sample) were Rock Doves, Great Horned Owls, Chukar, Northern Cardinals, House Sparrows, and Brown Thrashers.
Species visually identified were Bell's vireo, brown thrasher, field sparrow, northern mockingbird and painted bunting.
The analysis of nest success was based on data from 149 brown thrasher nests, 147 American robin nests and 33 loggerhead shrike nests.
Many birds, like cardinals and chickadees, mourning doves and blue jays, house sparrows and brown thrashers, live in my Louisiana backyard all year round.
Placed in tube-shaped, metal-mesh feeders, peanuts will entice woodpeckers, jays, chickadees, titmice, bushtits, nuthatches, brown creepers, wrens, kinglets, Northern mockingbirds, brown thrashers, starlings, and yellowrumped and pine warblers.
and last the brash chatter of two brown thrashers defending nests with
I jotted down countless crows, flocks of American goldfinches, several brown thrashers, a few chipping sparrows, eastern bluebirds, doves, at least three species of woodpeckers, swallows, starlings, gray catbirds, phoebes, and 25 red-tailed hawks.
At the flashier extreme, brown thrashers in North America have repertoires of more than a thousand syllable types.
Also include trees and shrubs that will provide leaf litter, where birds such as brown thrashers, towhees and white-throated sparrows can scratch for insects that hide among the dried leaves in late spring.
Brown thrashers forage through the undergrowth, cardinals and finches and squirrels perform stunning acrobatics as they feast on figs in season.
For example, brown thrashers can sing more than 2,000 different songs