brown sugar

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unrefined or only partly refined sugar

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Omtatah had asked the court to allow him to file further affidavits to support the main petition, saying he had discovered massive fraud in the importation of the brown sugar.
I understand that 200 members are getting supplied with brown sugar rather than white.
To that end, Brown Sugar is planning later this month--a date hasn't been pinned down--to move its retail location to the corner of JFK and McCain in North Little Rock and operate as what Williams calls "a drive-through dessertery.
The aims of this research was to investigate the potential of resource, social and economic of brown sugar as a natural sweetener that can substitute sugar cane.
Brown Sugar Lounge has a vast menu offering everything from full English breakfasts to homemade soup, paninis and cakes.
140g plain flour 3 tbsp soft brown sugar 40g ground almonds 1 large cooking apple 90g butter 1 tbsp water 90g golden caster sugar
They saw the movement of a group of men in a vehicle and stopped the car and seized this brown sugar," he said.
Monin Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup features the perfect blend of rich brown sugar with subtle, yet distinctive cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla flavors.
Readi-Measure Creating special holiday treats is a lot less work with Imperial Sugar and Dixie Crystals' Redi-Measure Light Brown Sugar, which comes in one-quarter-cup pre-measured pouches.
The new flavors include: Cherry Pomegran, Chocolate, Brown Sugar Maple Cinn and unfrosted Brown Sugar Maple Cinn.
In a saucepan, stir together brown sugar and corn syrup.
launches Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, a first-of-its-kind reduced calorie brown sugar product.
And two new collections of erotic fiction hit bookstores earlier this year--Intimacy: Erotic Stories of Love, Lust, and Marriage by Black Men, edited by Robert Fleming (Plume, January 2004), and the third volume in the Brown Sugar anthology series, Brown Sugar 3: When Opposites Attract, edited by Carol Taylor (Washington Square Press, January 2004).
The company plans to launch the new Brown Sugar ethnic hair color collection in August.