brown study

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Synonyms for brown study

the condition of being so lost in solitary thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings

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a state of deep absorption or thoughtfulness

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References in classic literature ?
I fell into a brown study as I walked on, and a voice at my side made me start.
There was nothing very inviting in the object, but Mr Nickleby was wrapt in a brown study, and sat contemplating it with far greater attention than, in a more conscious mood, he would have deigned to bestow upon the rarest exotic.
Shaw, who seemed to find it difficult to help falling into a brown study, in spite of the lively chatter going on about him.
said Katharine, apparently waking from a brown study.
With a much-perplexed face, Riderhood looked from it to the sleeper, and from the sleeper to it, and finally crept back to his chair, and there, with his hand to his chin, sat long in a brown study, looking at both.
So gathering up the shavings with another grin, and throwing them into the great stove in the middle of the room, he went about his business, and left me in a brown study.
He passed one of his heavy hands over his crisp dark hair as if to sweep the broken thoughts out of his mind and sat a little forward, with one arm akimbo and the other resting on his leg, looking in a brown study at the ground.
He ceased and sat solemnly dejected, in a brown study.
Finding that Holmes was too absorbed for conversation, I had tossed aside the barren paper, and leaning back in my chair, I fell into a brown study.
But the disgusting animal had fallen into a brown study.
Datchery pauses with the selected coins in his hand, rather as if he were falling into a brown study of their value, and couldn't bear to part with them.
Still, we read the story through and read it again, then read it in translation as well, only to get lost in a brown study.
Ansley, 1928, for example, is a latently cubist portrait of a handsome middle-aged man in a shadowy brown study.
In addition, a recent Millward Brown study reveals top reasons why people continue to shop in stores despite the convenience of online shopping.
Millward Brown Study Methodology *Study Source: 2013 Ad Tracking Study.