brown rot

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any of certain fungous diseases of plants characterized by browning and decay of tissues

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Numerous studies clearly indicate that parenchyma cells and late wood fibres of a range of broadleaved trees are resistant to degradation by brown rot and some weakly lignolytic white rot fungi
Brown rot is caused by the fungus Monilinia fructicola.
Next they tested for Trametes versicolor (a white rot fungus), Tyromyces palustris (a brown rot fungus), subterranean termite, and marine borer, and the results showed that among the three tested woods, pine had the greatest resistance to white rot and brown rot fungal attacks, and the polystyrene wood had much greater resistance than untreated wood to brown rot fungi, white rot fungi, subterranean termite, and marine borer attacks.
Late summer problems may include brown rot, when soft brown patches appear on fruits such as apples, plums and pears.
Blight, recognisable when leaves develop yellow-brown blotches and a white furry coating underneath, while tomato fruits succumb to a dry brown rot, is caused by excessive damp.
Typical spring fungus diseases in Southern California -- powdery mildew, rose rust and blackspot on roses, and botrytis or brown rot on fruit trees -- need to be prevented with springtime sprays.
Heartwood is very durable to insect attack as welt as white rot and brown rot fungi.
Brown rot is the autumn enemy and all infected fruit is for wheeliebins only.
Brown rot fungi attack the cellulose in a tree, Harmon said, leaving lignin, a structural material that helps build soil.
Shipments from there were halted on April 5 in a bid to prevent brown rot.
To control brown rot on apricots, spray with a Bordeaux mixture (hydrated lime and copper sulfate) or other fungicide containing copper.
PICK off and destroy apples showing signs of canker and brown rot.
But, unfortunately, because of airborne disease found in many gardens in the Midlands, I'm suffering a lot of soft brown rot.
Recently, the Company entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Oregon State University for certain microbial yeasts to control gray and blue mold on apples and other pome fruit and brown rot on peaches and other stone fruit.
Decay caused by fungal diseases such as gray molds, blue molds, router rot, bull's eye, side rot and brown rot cause millions of dollars of loss to fruit growers in the Pacific Northwest alone each year," says Bob Sports, professor of plant pathology at the OSU center in Hood River.