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Oak, particularly what is known as brown oak, is passe.
Two other colors in the collection, Brown Oak and Silver Maple, offer subtle streaking.
European woods Like English sycamore, brown oak and yew wood are very hot this year.
TimberTech's award-winning Terrain Collection becomes the third product group within TimberTech's Earthwood Evolutions line and includes two pleasing shades: Brown Oak and Silver Maple.
Brown oak, English brown oak, European oak, pollard oak, pollardok
Brown oak is the name for the European oak trees affected by fungal attack from Fistulina hepatica.
Simple, well proportioned refectory style tables are everywhere, but while the dark brown oak and wenge popular on the continent and in new hotels has passed us by, warmer timbers, such as African and American walnut and Far Eastern exotic woods, such as Macassar and solid teak, are making an appearance and fit very well with the colours of the upholstery and the fabrics.
There's been no Chippendale or Queen Anne styles made of red oak, for example, although North American white oak along with French oak, English oak and English brown oak has been part of the fine furniture tradition.
In addition to leather, other popular finishes include glass, brushed steel or aluminium which, when combined with either stark, pale woods such as maple or the latest walnut or dark, brown oak, can look very effective.
Drake has also rescued many other woods including English Brown Oak taken from old Guinness Stout vats and Russian White Oak set aside over a hundred years ago for the Trans-Siberian Railroad and most recently the Ancient Chinese Elm saved from the demolition of 15th Century Ming Dynasty buildings in China.
In sleek brown oak the table is perfect for seating up to six people comfortably around its elegant central base, pounds 760.
English brown oak which has been attacked by a fungus known as fistulina hepatica, has a heartwood which is a much deeper brown than the usual tan to light brown color of the unaffected trees.
Both English brown oak and bog oak are highly prized veneers.
No other flooring can match the extraordinary beauty, character, and history of this English brown oak, valued by expert coopers for its strength and tight grain.
Sauder recalled the following models with swivel tops: brown oak (model 5155), black oak (model 5055) and white oak (model 5251).