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intermediate between peat and bituminous coal

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Luminant announced in late 2017 that it would phase out its Big Brown coal plant along with its Sandow and Monticello power plants.
Two coal fields are presently being developed - the Angren brown coal field in the Tashkent region and the Shargun anthracite deposit in the Surkhandarya region.
Brown coal is responsible for a third of all CO2 emissions in the western German state of North-Rhine Westphalia -- home to Garzweiler and Hambach.
Brown coal resources are mainly found in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, with other deposits in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.
However, our scientists were able to adapt the technology to domestic brown coal, speed up the process, and reduce the price," he said.
Lignite, often referred to as brown coal, is likely to play a bigger role in power generation alongisde expected rapid growth in electricity demand.
In January 2013, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of brown coal mining and power generation in the same area.
In July 2013, Slovenia's supply of energy commodities in general went up as 52% with Lignite and Brown Coal, 14% with Transport Diesel Oil, 12% with Coke Oven Coke, 10% with Other Petroleum Products, 6% with Kerosene Jet Fuel and 6% with Heavy Fuel Oil.
SeeNews) - Jan 9, 2013 - Porr Umwelttechnik, part of builder Porr (WBAG:POS), has taken over the brown coal power station Voitsberg from insolvent A-Tec, formerly owned by Austrian industrialist Mirko Kovats, and will now dismantle the facility within 18 months, Porr said yesterday.
The project also seems to imply an obligation to use local brown coal.
Four papers from Poland propose an underground brown coal gasification plant, discuss mergers among mining companies and the need for more geological data, and analyze deposition irregularities in thin hard coal seams.
Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX:ESI) is principally engaged in the research and development of Coldry, the process of dewatering brown coal to produce a black coal substitute.
So the Germans are to burn vast quantities of coal - black and low grade brown coal to keep the lights on in their country.
On Friday morning, protesting miners blocked a train carrying brown coal from the Pernik coal basin for the Maritsa Iztok 2 Thermal Power Plant (TPP).