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back and sides of a hog salted and dried or smoked

English scientist and Franciscan monk who stressed the importance of experimentation


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Sarah and Sonia brought home the bacon today,'' Worthington said.
A cartoon pig devised by Welsh Super- Ted creator Mike Young has brought home the bacon at the annual Bafta awards.
Blimey, imagine Hogg's squeals of delight if Glocer had actually brought home the bacon instead of sticking his trotter in it and making a nasty mess of the sty.
Leon McKenzie's last-minute strike brought home the bacon at 11/2, the same odds as Leeds winning at Manchester United tomorrow with Coral.
Spenwood Wizard and Saints Minsky were successful chasing the hare; Labrett, Border Subject and Time to Remember brought home the bacon on turf.
Kenilworth's Theo McCann brought home the bacon when landing the Crewe Lane club's Member Guest Alliance - Stoneleigh Deer Park playing partner Rene Huus boasts Danish ancestry
Her production design of Pozer's bonafide Canadian cult film, The Grocer's Wife, led to a design career that brought home the bacon while Stopkewich moved on projects of her own, particularly an edgy comedy called Til Niagara Falls.
He has reliably brought home the bacon for his black constituents.