brotherly love

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a kindly and lenient attitude toward people

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PHILADELPHIA -- City of Brotherly Love Partners with Tropos Networks and Syndeo Communications to Offer Free Wi-Fi Internet Access at Marquis City Landmarks
BROTHERLY love and allegiance has been quite prevalent in GAA spats between players and management over the last few years.
After having recently wrapped the Tour of Brotherly Love with Oasis, the band launched into yet another excursion, this time alone.
And Steven Bochco's new lawyer series ``Philly'' (we'll forgo the obligatory ``gritty,'' used to describe all Bochco shows), while rendered with some facility, may strike viewers as too overly familiar to earn any brotherly love.
VICE girls have signed up to the spirit of brotherly love - by joining a trade union.
The City of Brotherly Love, that has absolutely none for you Lakers.
Any brotherly love will have vanished after Martin rubbed it in following his brother's nightmare five-goal loss in last week's Qualifying Cup final defeat by Deveronvale.
The show was the third stop on what is being touted as the Tour of Brotherly Love because both bands are fronted by siblings.
The city of brotherly love came through when the National Park and Planning officials authorized use of the lake at Franklin D.
THE feelings of people in Drogheda are running high - and they aren't necessarily all of brotherly love.
PHILADELPHIA - Fans of USC and UCLA can put aside their rivalry for a few hours today just as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson did in 1776 when signing the Declaration of Independence in this City of Brotherly Love.
The brotherly love shown was for their fellow officers, one of whom was bitten by Jones and the other shot by Jones.
They were a picture of brotherly love at a gig in London by The Healers, Johnny Marrof The Smiths' new band.
The Straight Story: David Lynch's G-rated tale of brotherly love is a haunting requiem for a bygone America.