brothel keeper

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a woman who runs a house of prostitution


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Once you pay us they belong to you," Nasko told our undercover man posing as a London brothel keeper.
Edith's father, Louis (Jean-Paul Rouve), a contortionist, snatches his daughter from the grubby setting and deposits her with his mother, Louise (Catherine Allegret, eerily channeling her mother, Simone Signoret), a brothel keeper in Normandy.
67) Some months later, two of these girls, Maria Usher and Anne Scully, lured a thirteen-year-old workhouse girl from her domestic service place into a brothel; the brothel keeper gave them a shilling each for delivering the girl, who, soon after, became infected with venereal disease.
The Guardian, 17 January 2001, Chris Mac-Greal, 'Congo's "saviour" brought bloodshed: How Kabila, the brothel keeper, caused a war that engulfs Africa': "There was no shortage of candidates with a motive for trying to assassinate Laurent Kabila .
Forgeham - womanising soccer boss Frank Laslett in ITV1's hit series - paid a brothel keeper pounds 50 to hire the girl as a holiday "wife" for 10 days.
There she encountered the large grave mound and marker of Kinoshita Kunio, the celebrated okasan, brothel keeper, "Okuni of the South Seas", who treated Osaki and other Karayuki-san with kindness.
First procured and sold for profit by the white slavery scout, Estelle then goes into circulation among the customers of the brothel, where she generates profit not only for the brothel keeper but also for its employees and co-contractors--the various landlords, the procurer who delivers her, the suppliers of clothing, drugs, liquor, entertainment, and abortions, the messengers, the police and municipal officials who must be paid off.
A FORMER accountant turned brothel keeper was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence and fined PS2,000 yesterday.
IT was heartening to see such a turnout of mock French maids and cops at the funeral of the UK's best known brothel keeper, Cynthia Payne, a woman known to have changed judges' nappies.
Cass was jailed for a year for living off the proceeds of prostitution, but now police are trying to seize assets they believe were earned from his days as a brothel keeper.
An investigation was launched earlier this week after allegations a defendant, named in reports as former brothel keeper Myra LingLing Forde, had escaped prosecution after saying they would "expose" Sir Edward.
The film includes stories of men and women who have adopted a life of crime in their later years, such as a driving instructor who became a brothel keeper, and a builder who started selling black-market cigarettes and cannabis.
FORMER brothel keeper Lindi St Clair remained in hospital last night after being trapped upside down in her car in a Midland stream for almost 24 hours.
THE case of brothel keeper Diana Jones has thrown up some interesting issues which most people will have a view on.