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This indicated that several predominant taxa comprised the bulk of the communities of insects in broomed and nonbroomed branches, and other less common taxa were often detected in broomed or nonbroomed branches.
In general, the structure of the communities of insects was similar in broomed and nonbroomed branches of Douglas-fir.
Regardless of whether the broomed or the nonbroomed branch was larger, family richness was greater in the larger of the pair, a pattern from which only one pair deviated.
Our results indicated a broomed branch would be predicted to have significantly more individuals than would a nonbroomed branch.
The branch-pairing design of this study may limit interpretations of our data because trees that have brooms may have different characteristics than those of nonbroomed trees, movements of insects within trees may minimize differences observed between broomed and nonbroomed branches, and the mistletoe shoots can occur on either nonbroomed or broomed branches (Tinnin and Knutson, 1985), thus differences in species that are specialists of the actual mistletoe would not be detected.