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the handle of a broom

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The police report said of the most recent incident in May that door staff walked away from a 25-year-old man who was attacked with a broom handle without offering first aid, even though he was unconscious.
A court heard he shouted and swore at his relative, repeatedly called him a "*** pig" and chased him away with a three-foot long broom handle.
99 SAVE: PS43 SWITCH Master Gardener stiff PVC broom, PS14 |FO| Outdoor heavy duty broom head |275mm), PS5, and broom handle, PS3.
Or do they simply make hay while the sun shines and use that broom handle to sweep up as many titles, world ranking points and of course dollars until the beaks tell you to stop?
The footage showed prison staff beating inmates, and in one case sexually assaulting one with a broom handle, which caused outrage among many of their relatives, many of whom attempted to storm some of the prisons, (http://www.
Our perch is an old broom handle, and our nesting boxes are old 5-gallon buckets.
The materials list includes: 1" heavy wall conduit, 11/4" heavy wall conduit, primer and paint, flat lead, 11/2" x 11/2" angle iron, grass mats, black zip ties, hex head self-tapping screws, broom handle snaps, camo burlap, mesh trucking tarp, wire feed welder, conduit bender.
Ram a broom handle up and down to remove any air pockets.
Then custodian Jose Rivera, who has since taken a supervisory position on the maintenance staff at UMass Memorial Medical Center, suggested using a tennis ball on the end of a broom handle.
He added: "I've been using a boxing glove attached to a broom handle to prepare for the Klitschko brothers.
Someone knocked them down with a broom handle, and the birds looped back
Thomas Campbell, 39, is accused of kicking the dog, hitting it with a broom handle and causing it unnecessary suffering at his house in Irvine, Ayrshire.
I write in response to the Echo's article on the boys who got out of school by using a broom handle to push the security button.
A man who battered his mum's dog to death with a broom handle has escaped jail after claiming he was acting in self-defence.
That's why Niels Sorensen, co-owner of HP-Industrial A/S, wanted to develop a new industrial broom handle, one that would eliminate areas where bacteria can lodge and grow.