broody hen

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a domestic hen ready to brood

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You can either let a broody hen hatch and rear chicks, or let her sit on dummy eggs for a month until the instinct runs its course and the hen gets off the nest of her own volition.
Brooding chicks in the spring would be a challenge without a heat lamp when you consider the fact that I have only one good broody hen, and heating water to scald the chickens on butchering day is so much easier since I got an electric one-burner hot plate that I can use outside.
Mr Cull said he thinks 'My Mate' must be protecting some broody hen pheasants.
It depends on how long it will be before a broody hen will start to lay again.
When my father reached in behind the curtain to gather the eggs, he hastily retreated, believing a broody hen had pecked him.
Having heard that guineas make terrible mothers, I removed all but six of the eggs and put them under a broody hen.
There are two ways to incubate hatching eggs -- the broody hen or the mechanical incubator.
Will a broody hen accept and raise baby chicks if she hasn't set on eggs for three weeks?
it's been my experience that placing goose eggs under a broody hen can lead to some strange circumstances.
The broody hen gets some peace here while she sets on her clutch.
If you do this you'll need an incubator to help the geese hatch all their eggs, although a broody hen can hatch goose eggs too.
Chapters cover how to protect one's birds from weasels and other predators, accommodating broody hens, looking after baby chicks both in and out of the shell, how to cook heritage turkeys, chickens, and ducks (with sample recipes), and much more.
Allowing several broody hens to raise chicks one year resulted in 30 roosters
The black-skinned Silkie broody hens happily accept Polish eggs in their clutches and foster the chicks.
The four hens eggs he feasted on turned out to be golf balls left there by the owners to encourage their broody hens to nest.