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Synonyms for brooding

Synonyms for brooding

sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body

persistent morbid meditation on a problem


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There also have been less resolute and more broodingly meditative facets of Starzl that we discerned-intimations of his inner closeness to questions about the human condition, conveyed through some of the beautifully crafted, evocative phrases in even his most technical writing, and what seemed to us to be a shy, awkward, rather haunted spiritual self that he kept hidden from public view.
If the broodingly charismatic Thomas Selby (Cillian Murphy, above) didn't already have a complicated life, two newcomers arrive in Small Heath.
Opens Friday THE STARS Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder THE VERDICT This broodingly dark film tells the real-life story of family man and stone cold contract killer Richard Kuklinski, impressively played by Shannon.
From the broodingly anguished first movement (so like Shostakovich) and blisteringly exciting, demonic Dies irae scherzo, to a finale in which all tensions were released in its consolatory fulfilment, this was a fully formed and terrifically well executed reading.
His expressive range goes from thunderous and dramatic for the many action sequences to broodingly atmospheric for scenes in which the dark side of the story, marked by mistrust and fear of betrayal, is at the forefront.
The Things I've Seen Today side-steps her accustomed sepia-jazz delivery, sounding more akin to a female Chris Isaak alternative, full of broodingly spacious guitar twang.
Trim, dark and broodingly handsome, it's not just his looks that betray his Spanish roots.
Seemingly self-sufficient amid the benevolent wild, he nevertheless gazes broodingly out of the frame: possibly pondering the sublime, but probably listening for the unseen creature the trap awaits.
It's stylish and broodingly atmospheric, and explores some interesting ideas about the ways in which writers steal other people's lives.
Lee Van Cleef broodingly bides his time as he serves the townsfolk he despises.
In 'The Swan of Tuonela', dedicated to the memory of the distinguished Finnish conductor Paavo Berglund, who died last week, Sibelius's Swan was broodingly represented by Jukka Hirvikangas's dark and sorrowful cor anglais solo in a powerful and haunted performance.
THE broodingly dark skies and early-morning downpour had become such a distant memory it was almost as though they belonged to another life.
Michael Aubin's McCann was even more broodingly menacing and aggressive at times.
IT may feel like home -indeed the Wynne-Eytons and ancestors before them -have lived in the broodingly imposing Tower in Mold for nigh on 500 years,but Charles Wynne-Eyton,current custodian of this Grade I listed pile, says hedoesn't feel like he owns it.