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Synonyms for broody

a domestic hen ready to brood

physiologically ready to incubate eggs

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She told Miriam O'Callaghan on her Saturday Night RTE show: "I would love for him to have grandkids - I'm getting broodier and broodier as I get older.
With a massive back catalogue to draw from the North Californians play a run of seven tracks off the new album Diamond Eyes which keeps DJ and keyboardist Frank Delgado busy adding eerie sounding clips and chords to the broodier new material.
No question the highlights come when the Californians up the tempo (Something's Not Right With Me) and release their broodier, bluesy-grunge edge (Hang Me Out To Dry).
And surprisingly tunes like Do You Want To, Take Me Out and This Fire sit well with the slower, broodier likes of Walk Away and Eleanor.
Bosses at Eon Productions - who make the Bond films - moved for the 38-year-old actor actor after deciding they wanted a return to a broodier Bond in the Connery mould.