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apparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat

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After the droppings are removed, dry the baby chick and return it to the brooder.
The learners then helped transfer the chicks to their brooder boxes where they ate and took their very first drink before turning to socialise with their companions.
I often worried about what would happen if the rusty wires from which the brooder was suspended broke.
They will also run their brooder so that visitors will be enabled to watch the complete process of chicken-hatching and raising from the minute the egg is placed in the incubator until the tender broiler is laid before you on the dinner table.
Little quail will live in a brooder until they're fully feathered--this is around three weeks.
and me married to a brooder who has accused me with dark looks and
The chickens are raised in a brooder house until feathered out and pasture-ready.
And hey, it just occurred to me he might as well be called Tommy Brooder, after all that's an anagram for his surname.
Teaching about the development of life and encouraging teamwork and responsibility are part of the program's goals, as students care for the eggs in the incubator and the chicks in the brooder.
It comes from a poultry expert who covers all challenges of the process, from selecting a breed and locating a proper incubator to handling sanitary conditions and caring for newborn chicks in a brooder.
Sally Ann Broughton, activities co-ordinator, explained: "It's a national organisation that provides live eggs, an incubator and a brooder box.
Vampirecentric drama True Blood brooder Stephen Moyer (above) thinks a camping trip to Jersey Devil territory is a good way for his bickering family to bond.
The attack on the UNIFIL coincides with mounting tension in Syria, Lebanon and along the brooder with Israel.
Children and staff at the Busy Bees Nursery nurtured the eggs for a week before the fluffy little chicks made an appearance They are now being looked after in a special brooder box and are provided with water, heat, food and bedding for them to grow.