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Synonyms for bronzy

of the color of bronze


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Bright blue, canary yellow and bronzy brown are among the new hues to help Punto stand out.
Cul'tura pastusheskikh plemen epokhi bronzy aziatskoi chasti SSSR (pometallicheskim izdeliyam).
The noble chafer is a metallic bronzy green beetle which is about 2cm long and feeds on nectar from open flowers in July and August.
New spring growth, shown here, bursts forth in vibrant reds and bronzy pinks.
Naselenie juga Khakassii v epokhu pozdnej bronzy I problema proisrozhdenija karasukskoj kul'tury.
The slate that Mulligan used to pave the patio and cap the seat wall picks up the bronzy tones of the retaining wall.
Maroon coleus makes a perfect partner for bronzy red-leafed Celebrette 'Strawberry Star' and dark green--leafed Celebrette 'Scarlet Improved' New Guinea impatiens.
Perfect products: Prescriptives Creamy Cheekcolor in Peekaboo, pounds 18 (01730- 232566); Maybelline Express Blush in Bronzy Shimmer, pounds 6.
Iugo-vostochnoe Zabaikal' ev Epokh u Kamnia i Rannei Bronzy.
Then to slim down the face, I've brushed a bronzy cheek tone under the cheekbones, before brushing a dusky pink on top.
Vostochnii Kazakhstan v epokhu bronzy (Eastern Kazakhstan in the Bronze Epoch), Materialy i issledovaniya po arkheologii SSSR (MIA) 88.
50 What could look better than a pair of sunglasses above plumped-up lips dripping with gold-flecked bronzy balm?
microphylla japonica) has small, rounded leaves that are bright green in summer, turning bronzy in cold winters.
Iugo-Vostochnoe Zabaikal'e v Epokhu Kamnia i Rannei Bronzy.