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of the color of bronze


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Another variety known as Spotted Aleppo or Spotted Cos has less vivid, bronzy red speckles.
Expect it to have no suppressive action on poison ivy in the spring when the plant is leafless or the new foliage is a bronzy hue.
Sydney, Australia, Mar 28, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Avonlea Minerals Limited (ASX:AVZ) said today that test results have confirmed high grade potential at Thresher, Hammerhead and Bronzy magnetite iron ore prospects in Namibia.
The raised deck outside the bedroom creates a perch for an oversize lounge chair, whose cushion echoes the bronzy brown foliage of a spiky-leafed phormium near the deck's front edge.
Apply a darker, bronzy shade of glitter - like Helen E's shimmer powder in Shade 13 - to the far corner of the eye and gently blend in to the gold.
On the venter, the orange is a deeper shade than on the pale form, especially on the hindwing where it becomes bronzy on extreme specimens.
It has formed clumps and is behaving as an enchanting perennial, with soft pink tufts held on 60cm stems, dressed in oval leaves, each marked with bronzy splodges.
Others, like geraniums, marigolds and lobelia, are more able to stand the cold, but their leaves may turn black, or be bronzy coloured, if the nights are cold.
At this market, the trend is that "we're seeing a lot more metals," Edelist said, with more brushed aluminum and cold-rolled steel in contemporary design, and warm, bronzy, flame-treated copper in the transitional market.
This strain does not have the distinctive bronzy green leaves of the original, but it is identical in all other respects, even the same flavorful dark red fruit.
While the clusters that I saw in Costa Rica were always green, Harry reported that some of the Ecuadorian plants had "strikingly bronzy red foliage".
Here recall that "Gouveia" was given as the locality for the peculiar anatase specimens of a few years ago, wherein steep bipyramidal crystals in parallel growth form loose, cathedral-like groups, many tinted a bright bronzy brown by rutile patinas (see my report from the 2003 Costa Mesa Show in Mar.
Sugar's Platinum is an oversized shiny silver and pink compact with mirror that features shimmering pressed powder for an instant faux-glow with sheer, bronzy powder with glittering flecks of silver and gold.
palmatum Dissectum is the most widely available which produces green foliage through the main season, turning a majestic bronzy yellow in autumn.
He hybridized 'About Face,' a grandiflora with deep golden and bronzy orange-red petals, which was named one of four All-America Rose Selections winners for 2005.