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Try: Mac Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden, pounds 14, Givenchy Prismissime Mat & Glow, pounds 30.
Body Bronzing is often referred to as the "best fake tan around" and it's no surprise that the wonder tanning product is used by TV presenters and actors across the globe including X Factor and Miss Scotland finalists.
50 from larger department stores and Boots; Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder: 8/10.
Our testers take the shortcut to sun-kissed complexions with three matt bronzing powders: 2true All Over Natural Bronzing Powder in No1, PS1.
Twombly has always been dependent on art history; his transformations of that history, whether carried out through bronzing or through gestures on a canvas, suggest that the dependence is his ironical way of mourning - or at least expressing his skepticism toward - the future of art.