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huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic

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However, in 1903 researchers determined that the Brontosaurus bones were actually the bones of an Apatosaurus dinosaur mistakenly coupled with the skull of a Camarasaurus dinosaur--and the researchers concluded that there was no such thing as a Brontosaurus dinosaur.
Construction of the largest model, Brontosaurus, commenced in mid-April 1937.
But when even Craig Quinnell gets on the scoreboard - rampaging through the French defence like a scarlet brontosaurus - and Emile Ntamack scores a hat-trick yet still finishes on the losing side you knew this was never going to be just any match.
This Baby Weavers Citi pushchair, in a Brontosaurus Meadow design, has been reduced from pounds 200 to pounds 99.
Like the talk show guest on Monty Python's Flying Circus whose theory of the brontosaurus was that "the brontosaurus is skinny at one end; much, much thicker in the middle; and skinny at the other end," psychologists were content to "explain" a phenomenon by redescribing it.
Distinguished by their colossal structure, sauropods included animals of diverse shape and ornamentation, such as the gigantic Apatosaurus, formerly known as Brontosaurus.
Lulu and the Brontosaurus Simon and Schuster, 2010 111pp $16.
Other items included a Sea Devil warrior costume (pounds 2,040), seventh Doctor Sylvester Mc-Coy's hat, hankie and scarf (pounds 1,440) and a rubber brontosaurus from the 1974 story Invasion of the Dinosaurs (pounds 1,320).
Now that the shadow banking system (exotic off-balance sheet excreta) has shared the fate of brontosaurus, loan pricing economics have soared.
Part 4, "Review Essays," includes Tom Rooney, "(Re)Presenting Shakespeare's Co-authors: Lessons from the Oxford Shakespeare" (219-37); Laurence Wright, "Inventing the Human: Brontosaurus Bloom and 'the Shakespeare in us'" (238-60).
The possibilities are endless, the distinctions between old and new mind-boggling, just as a horse is so very different from a brontosaurus.
Has Tesco become brontosaurus, the small-brained behemoth of the Jurassic Retail Park, slowly collapsing under its own weight after it exhausts oil the easy grazing?
ANSWERS: 1 Ireland; 2 The Strand; 3 Dolly Parton; 4 Newton; 5 Archduke Franz Ferdinand; 6 The Ancient Mariner; 7 Thirteen; 8 Hugh Laurie; 9 Donald Duck; 10 Brontosaurus.
5 tonne skeleton of a Brontosaurus, a long-necked vegetarian dinosaur, will go on display at the arrivals hall of Abu Dhabi Airport next week.
Brontosaurus captures the fluidity and plasticity of postmodernity as a cultural and social phenomenon.