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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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Flexible bronchoscopy as the first-choice method of removing foreign bodies from the airways of adults.
The current standard of practice requires the use of flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy to verify placement of endotracheal tubes during OLV procedures.
Results: A total of 168 cases went under bronchoscopy for the removal of foreign body.
EndoSheath Bronchoscopy and Vision System Key Features
In most cases, the diagnosis is made incidentally during routine bronchoscopy performed for other issues.
DEFENDANTS' DEFENSE A bronchoscopy was not necessary.
The Bronchoscopy Suite enhances the company's ability to explore the expression and quantification of protein biomark-ers within the fluid lining of the lower respiratory tract.
Because bronchoscopy, which plays a central role in lung cancer diagnosis, has varying diagnostic yield based on factors such as the size and location of the lesion, the method used to collect cells, and pathological processing methods, the findings suggest that the test (BronchoGen) could minimize the need for additional invasive procedures in these patients, Duncan Whitney, Ph.
9%) patients were removed by Negus rigid bronchoscopy.
In this retrospective study, children in whom foreign body extraction was performed by bronchoscopy were evaluated in terms of age, gender, clinical status, physical examination, radiologic findings and complications observed during and after the procedure.
com)-- 21st Century Oncology now offers a new procedure called Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) that offers patients a minimally-invasive option to locate, enable biopsy and plan treatment for a lesion (spot) detected deep in the lung.
The use of bronchoscopy for atelectasis and for clearing retained secretions is a routine procedure in the intensive care unit (ICU) (1).
Background: The aim of this cross sectional study is to determine the role of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in the diagnosis of lung diseases and observe the clinical presentation, diagnosis, complications and demographic characteristics of the patient in Jinnah Hospital Lahore.
The patient underwent a bronchoscopy and a foreign body was recovered--a pecan (Figure 1)