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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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To prevent unnecessary bronchoscopies flexible bronchoscopy is performed primarily in operation room conditions and then rigid bronchoscopy is performed, if necessary in some centers (5).
Birmingham Coroner Aidan Cotter heard how Dr Adel Mansur, who had 16 years' experience of conducting bronchoscopies, was handed a bottle of phosphate buffer saline from a new batch with no additional information, by staff nurse Karen Richardson.
The bronchoscopies had detected roughly half of the cancers in the group, and the genetic signatures of the windpipe cells had revealed 80 percent.
Most bronchoscopies are therefore performed without endoscopic vision of the targeted area.
Prior to February 1994, all ventilation bronchoscopies at our institution had been performed under direct vision; 48 of the 114 patients (42.
He said: "People at all stages of the patient journey were involved in the process, from GPs and patient representatives to those who carry out CT scans and bronchoscopies.
Tumor ablation bronchoscopies for airway lesions that are obstructing airways less than a lobar orifice.
Over 300,000 bronchoscopies are performed annually in the United States in patients at high risk for lung cancer, and as many as half result in an inconclusive cancer diagnosis.