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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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3) Dark anthracotic pigmentation in the bronchial mucosa is a bronchoscopic finding of pneumoconiosis or evidence of heavy atmospheric soot particles.
Central Bronchopleural Fistulas Closed by Bronchoscopic Injection of Absolute Ethanol.
conducted bronchoscopic evaluations in 49 children younger than age 18 years who had autism or autism spectrum disorder and were seen in a pulmonary clinic with a diagnosis of cough that was unresponsive to therapy.
A similar study by Dosemeci and colleagues (17) (LMA n=28, ETT n=30) using bronchoscopic guidance and the Griggs Forceps method found a lower incidence of complications in the LMA group (7.
Effect of bronchoscopic lung volume reduction on dynamic hyperinflation and exercise in emphysema.
The problem is that such lesions are usually peripheral, making bronchoscopic approaches to diagnosis unsuccessful, while the accuracy of CT-guided biopsy is hindered by the small diameter and by the patient's respiratory movements during the exam.
Michael Murphy, a renowned, leading educator on difficult airway management, thinks the device has definite value and says, "ROTIGS is a substantial advance as an assist device for endoscopic airway evaluation and bronchoscopic endotracheal intubation, particularly in the hands of those that perform this vital skill infrequently.
Food and Drug Administration approval in April, is a bronchoscopic procedure routinely performed under moderate sedation with patients typically returning home the same day.
Removal of even small amounts of partially obstructing ET tube secretions can reduce imposed work of breathing (which can facilitate ventilator weaning) and potentially reduce bronchoscopic procedure times.
The diagnosis of lung cancer is often confirmed by cytology and biopsy specimens obtained during a bronchoscopic procedure.
An international group of pediatric bronchoscopists discuss technical aspects in preparation for and performance of the procedure, from common to specialized applications like bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchial biopsy, interventional bronchoscopy, and total-lung lavage; potential alternatives such as rigid and virtual bronchoscopy; the bronchoscopic appearance of the normal upper and lower airways and congenital and acquired abnormalities; and application to conditions like asthma, atelectasis and plastic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and other chronic suppurative lung diseases, endobronchial tuberculosis, chronic cough, lung transplantation, and immunosuppression.
The agreement granted Olympus Medical exclusive rights to market and distribute, through the Olympus Group's distribution channels in Europe and Japan, Spiration's IBV Valve System, a device for the bronchoscopic treatment of emphysema and air leaks of the lung.