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suffering from or prone to bronchitis

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Bronchitic symptoms (daily cough, congestion or phlegm, or bronchitis for three months in a row) are a critical outcome for children with asthma.
Furthermore, a lack of these nutrients may lead to lower lung function and a greater risk of chronic bronchitic symptoms, wheeze, and asthma.
2] levels, bronchitic and asthmatic symptoms were significantly more prevalent.
I have had a continuous, bronchitic, hacking cough, and have been more physically tired than I can remember.
Tra ditionally doctors called bronchitic patients blue boaters and emphysema patients pink puffers.
I'm nearly 60, bronchitic and allergic to dairy products, which means I haven't had milk or cheese for years.
This was done by comparing chest X-ray and spirometric findings among asthmatic, bronchitic, and normal patients with the goal of improving the sensitivity of diagnostic criteria in making the diagnosis of bronchial asthma at the primary care level.
Although the larger inhaled particles of tobacco smoke or ambient PM are deposited higher in the airways and likely result in a more classically bronchitic phenotype, [PM.
Prospective study of air pollution and bronchitic symptoms in children with asthma.
Several regional cross-sectional studies in the United States and Europe have shown consistently higher rates of bronchitis and bronchitic symptoms among children with higher exposure to total suspended particulates (TSP) than in children living in less polluted areas (Avol et al.