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any of the smallest bronchial ducts

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Fawzia received bronchial thermoplasty at Cleveland Clinic in the United States four years ago and credits the treatment with greatly reducing her asthma symptoms.
Vitamin D was found more effective in prevention of exacerbations of bronchial asthma (P value 0.
The first (I) clinical group further marked as 'a high risk group' concerning formation of bronchial remodeling included 37 patients with the content of VEGF in sputum supernatant more than 80 ng/ml, and MMP-9 more than 5.
The adult patients (> 18 years of age) with massive haemoptysis, managed by embolising branches of bronchial artery were included.
Chest CT scans showed a diffuse, homogeneous, soft tissue process throughout the mediastinum, particularly involving the middle mediastinum and bilateral pulmonary hila, sometimes extending into pulmonary parenchyma along the bronchial vascular bundle [Figure 1]a.
Below the proximal obstruction, both uncovered ends of the stent appeared deeply anchored into the bronchial mucosa (Figure 1(b)) while the distal end opened onto a patent right lower lobe bronchus.
Failure to recognize anatomical variations of the bronchial circulation during angiography may result in only partial control of hemoptysis, nontargeted embolization, and unsuccessful outcome [4,10].
What is bronchial thermoplasty and how does it work?
15,16) In this study, we decided to carry out a research on samples obtained from bronchoscopy from people with and without bronchial anthracosis to study the incidence of acid-fast bacilli through smear and culture techniques.
Keywords: Carcinoid tumour, Lung tumour, Bronchiectasis, Bronchial obstruction
Multiple tortuous systemic arteries were seen along the right bronchial tree.
We present the case of a 7-year-old male patient with bilateral bronchial cocklebur fruit aspiration, which he sustained while playing.
Bronchial anthracosis is defined as black discoloration of bronchus due to deposition of carbon particles from extraneous origin on bronchial mucosa.
2 The pathology is usually the deficiency in cartilage of the bronchial wall.
A SEVERELY disabled man died after contracting bronchial pneumonia whilst recovering from a major operation to remove kidney cancer, a Hudders-field inquest heard.