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Smooth bromegrass was more resistant to flow scouring than switchgrass, and its mean [K.
Combinations of starch and digestible fiber in supplements for steers consuming a low-quality bromegrass hay diet.
As part of his contribution to GRACEnet, Follett and his collaborators are studying the effects of raising corn for biofuels on a Nebraska field where bromegrass had previously been growing for 13 years.
Malhi SS, Harapiak JT, Nyborg M, Gill KS (2000) Effects of long-term applications of various nitrogen sources on chemical soil properties and composition of bromegrass hay.
3rd: As conditions permit, sow seeds for forages that will provide as close to year-round grazing as possible: tall fescue, ryegrass, wheat, oats and rape for early spring; Kentucky bluegrass and orchard grass for spring and fall; bromegrass and timothy for early summer; birdsfoot trefoil, bahiagrass, Bermuda grass, Sudan grass, crabgrass and lespedeza for mid to late summer.
Horses were randomly assigned a bromegrass hay diet or an alfalfa hay/grain diet in a two-week period crossover design.
Relationship Between seed vigor test and field performance of Regar meadow bromegrass Crop Science, 30: 967.
In the growth chamber, the grasses studied were orchardgrass, smooth bromegrass, tall fescue, Illinois bundleflower, ryegrass, switchgrass, and eastern gammagrass.
1998) showed the most sensitive parameter for smooth bromegrass (Bromus inermis) response to compaction, as measured by bulk density, was shoot biomass.
First cutting timothy and smooth bromegrass should be cut in the fully headed to early bloom stage.
In kura clover-grass (orchardgrass, smooth bromegrass, and intermediate wheatgrass) mixtures, the yield, CP, and IVDDM concentrations were higher than those of the monoculture grasses (Sleugh et al.
Comparison of viability tests for assessing cross adaptation to freezing, heat and salt stresses induced by abscisic acid in bromegrass (Bromus inermis Leyess) suspension cultured cells.
Aside from switchgrass, on which he's built an entire breeding program, Casler is also eyeing the promise of other low-input grasses, such as smooth bromegrass, orchardgrass, and reed canarygrass.
Davenport and Thomas (1988) studied photo-assimilation and rhizodeposition in corn and bromegrass, by covering the soil surface with plastic or a mat of moss and algae in an attempt to minimise [sup.
Effect of time and rate of N application on yield, nutritive value index, crude protein, and nitrate content of bromegrass.