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Skipper Brome (39) and George Gibbons (26no) then raised Saints' hopes of claiming the decision but time ran out at 209-7 giving Nuneaton the lion's share of the points.
She then turns to a series of plays by Richard Brome to "examine the ways in which the understood history and vocabularies of the common law are employed, translated and debated on the Caroline commercial stage" (98).
Working on behalf of Cole Real Estate Investments, Phoenix, Brome secured a seven-year, fixed-rate loan through Farmington Bank, Farmington, Connecticut.
Intensely and moderately grazed areas were compared to each other and to a previous investigation involving an ungrazed pasture dominated by introduced Japanese brome (Bromus japonicus).
After breakfast, we drove half a mile up the road to the first rippling hills of brome and switchgrass between fields of late-standing corn.
For example, by overgrazing native plants, burros could contribute to the spread of red brome, an invasive annual grass from the Mediterranean that burns easily, charring desert habitats not adapted to fire like the "forests" of Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park.
scientist to pursue research using a wild grass known as "purple false brome," Brachypodium distachyon, as a model plant.
Introduced as a pasture grass, smooth brome dominates the roadside near Highway 11.
Particular authors discussed include Richard Brome, Ben Jonson, William Shakespeare, George Chapman, and Robert Garnier.
We also feed plenty of homegrown alfalfa, have rotational graze/ browse acreage available to them, and offer brome or prairie hay round bales for variety in the winter.
Brome defines young professional households as those headed by a 25- to 39-year-old who has attained a minimum of a bachelor's degree and who is not presently a student.
Mere hours later, she is found hung in her house, with a note claiming she is tired of being beaten, that she would rather be dead than have Elder Brome "do his duty on her again" (Tepper 276).
For example, the degradation of sagebrush, Mojave, and shadscale (a perennial shrub of the Great Basin) habitats by aggressive invasive plants such as cheatgrass and red brome following wildfire threatens many of Nevada's native species.
Electrician Steven Brome, 32, from Preston: "I think it will go downhill if he takes over.