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a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage

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Arthur Levitt, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission last week said ``almost none'' of online brokerage account agreements discuss trading risks and alternatives to customers if the system goes down.
Assuming these fees are the same, it is easy to conclude that the variable annuity, because it is tax-deferred, would grow in value more quickly than the taxable mutual funds held in the regular brokerage account.
Emboldened by the easy money to be had in the late-'90s stock market boom, some employees pressed for even more choice, with the result being the Self-Directed Brokerage Account as a 401(k) plan option.
When the end of day balance dips below that minimum daily balance, funds from the Schwab One brokerage account are automatically transferred into the Schwab Bank checking account.
Regular taxable account -- Personal trust -- Custodial (UGMA/UTMA) -- Traditional IRA -- Roth IRA -- Rollover IRA -- Education Savings Account -- 529 College Savings Plan -- Brokerage account About Strong
Typically in fee-based brokerage accounts, customers were charged an annual fee that was usually a percentage of the account's assets with an annual minimum, rather than a commission for each transaction as in a traditional brokerage account.
In a typical prime brokerage account, an institutional investor will execute trades with various broker-dealers, and the trades will be aggregated in the prime brokerage account for the purpose of clearance and settlement.
When a firm offers a new service to customers, such as a fee-based brokerage account, it must tailor its supervisory systems to the newly offered product," said Susan L.
Transfer Funds to a TD Waterhouse Brokerage Account from Any Bank Account
Schwab Retirement Plan Services today announced that the Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account(R) (PCRA), its rapidly growing self-directed brokerage account, will now be available as a stand-alone product to financial companies serving 401(k) plans of all sizes.
Customers with both a TD Waterhouse bank checking account and brokerage account can now move funds between their accounts anytime either online or by telephone at no charge.
Fee-based brokerage, in which clients pay a fee for trading activity rather than commissions on a per trade basis, offers investors greater choice as well as a way to closely align the interests of financial advisors and clients with respect to growing the value of the brokerage account.
Any certificates held in the name of a brokerage account would not be eligible for the distribution.
In this 53 page in-depth report, entitled: "Business Investor/Cash Management Accounts", Corporate Insight looks at business brokerage account capabilities at fourteen major brokerage firms.
Any stock certificates held in the name of a brokerage account will not be eligible.