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Generally a real estate broker has no right to stop a sale, even if the seller deliberately breaches the brokerage agreement.
Across the nation, far too many real estate brokers spend tens of thousands of dollars on custom Web sites, only to realize their investment didn't meet their needs," said Rusty Lindquist, vice president of Broker and Agent Products for a la mode.
Despite the doomsday prospect of commissions slashed by the transition to consumer-driven health care, there is surprising optimism in the broker community.
For calendar-year 2003, the Service will consider all of the facts and circumstances in determining whether a broker acted in good faith.
Best of all they can do it easily, cheaply, accurately, at any time of day--and without consulting a broker.
But the main service our broker, Israel Maldonado, provides is that he will give us a complete analysis of our portfolio and make suggestions on what we should buy, hold or sell based on asset allocation.
Online broker E-Trade is being sued by an Ohio woman whose buy orders over the Internet weren't executed for almost an hour.
Once having identified a likely trade, the manager must hire an independent broker to perform the trade, since by law neither the manager nor an affiliate can do so.
It's sped up the process immensely," notes Barbara Giommi, a broker with the Sudbury office.
Interviews with the brokers' clients were an integral factor in determining the highly-coveted top Power Broker spots, with customers' experiences weighing heavily on the decision-making process.
Massey Knakal broker Michael Harari was the sole broker in this transaction.
Agents and brokers clearly play an important role in insurance companies' obligations and as the government points out: "We also expect that an insurance company faced with a non-compliant agent or broker will take the necessary actions to secure such compliance, including, when appropriate, terminating its business relationship with such an agent or broker.
What can be done when a broker or other payor has invoked backup withholding on investment earnings or sales proceeds in a tax-exempt retirement trust?
chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, threatened to clamp down on broker pay practices - such as higher commissions for higher-risk investments - that can create conflicts of interest.