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Synonyms for broken-backed

having the spine damaged

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(of a horse) having bones of the back united by a bony growth

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(of a ship) so weakened as to sag at each end


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References in classic literature ?
I was always sensitive to the maltreatment of books; I could not bear to see a book faced down or dogs-eared or broken-backed.
In this case, looking at the bold, strong hand of the one, and the rather broken-backed appearance of the other, which still retains its legibility although the t's have begun to lose their crossing, we can say that the one was a young man and the other was advanced in years without being positively decrepit.
This showed, he said, how broken-backed the CSA was
Modern Art Oxford's high-ceilinged main gallery was startlingly transformed into a huge three-dimensional tableau mimicking the classic 1978 Arts Magazine cover photo of the broken-backed shed, while in an adjoining gallery Nelson had carpentered an entirely imaginary back entrance to the shed: A wooden tunnel led into a simulation of its interior.