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a thick and heavy shoe

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For attending I would say highwaisted black jeans with a Fred Perry shirt or a cool T-shirt with some shirt with some T brogues or saddle shoes with a good jacket either a pleather biker jacket or even a good peacoat.
The ZeroGrand Oxford Brogue is the pinnacle example of the Grand.
Harris continues: “Our classic styles, of Oxford and City shoes, are complemented beautifully by our Chelsea and Brogue boot selection.
The match features Sheamus' Night of Champions opponent Alberto Del Rio on commentary, and Booker T announcing that the Brogue Kick would, in fact, be banned.
Taking their inspiration from the original Irish brogue that workers would wear in the peat bogs, luxury Italian brand O'Keeffe's latest collection celebrate shoes with a "worn in" feel and "hand-me-down look".
From boyish brogue flats to towering clog-style platforms - with the "halfway heel" in between - there really is a shoe to suit every sole.
And because a secret agent ostensibly wears brogue shoes, the floor mats are black leather.
Peabody is pragmatic, Eve is bright and blunt, and Roark's brogue is easy on the ears.
Even the leader of the home team speaks with a brogue.
The actors don't help much by presenting a crazy sea of accents: Farrell tones down his normal Irish brogue, but Leto speaks like he's in a movie about the IRA and "the troubles.
Backed from an opening show of 16-1 into 11-2, Brogue Lanterns got the evening off to a flying start for punters as the Dr Devious filly made all the running for Robbie Burke in the two-year-old maiden.
Then, an authentic Scotsman in a thick Scottish brogue pronounces the Scottish translation.
THE Welsh Rugby Union has signed a four-year deal with Cardiff-based gentleman's shoe store The Brogue Trader, which will keep Wales' international rugby stars in shoes for occasions which require them to be in formal wear.
amp; They say it's a dog's life - and for seven-year-old Border Terrier Brogue it certainly looks that way.