broccoli raab

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slightly bitter dark green leaves and clustered flower buds

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With funding from the company and ARS, Bull and coworkers began investigating what was, at the time, an unidentified pathogen affecting broccoli raab.
A study by Bull and colleagues showed that tilling, after harvest of broccoli raab plants infected with the pathogen, contaminated the soil and led to infection of the next crop.
alisalensis found in soil in a broccoli raab field.
In Chinese cuisine, similar mustard greens (like gai lan) are popular, so if I can't find broccoli raab, a trip to Chinatown solves the problem.
Success: The lasagna bursts with lively broccoli raab flavor, yet it is exceptionally light.
In this case, pleasantly bitter broccoli raab calls for a dry, slightly herbal white.
com) has 'Super Rapini' broccoli raab and 'Green Fortune' baby bok choy.
Also called broccoli raab, rapini and rape, broccoli rabe needs to be cooked to bring out its flavors, note some chefs.
Nonna's, in addition to its heavenly meatballs, serves pasta and antipasti and is adding a roast pork and broccoli raab sandwich for the Super Bowl.
A recent dinner began with white bean soup with mussels, moved on to linguine with lamb sugo, broccoli raab and parmesan, and finished with a mesclun green salad with Meyer lemon vinaigrette.
Broccoli raab, like spigariello, has no head but lots of buds.
Plants of broccoli raab (shown above) and its Italian cousins tend to bolt--go to flower--in warm temperatures; time your planting so crops will mature during cool weather.
GREG BREEBACK, executive chef at Foxfire Restaurant & Bar in Springfield, offers a meal of ravioli and broccoli raab for today's edition of The $10 Gourmet.
Broccoli raab, the green vegetable accompaniment to the ravioli, is also known as broccolini or baby broccoli.
Just before serving, he reheats the broccoli raab with butter, minced garlic and minced shallot.