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Synonyms for broadtail

the fur of a very young karakul lamb

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hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia

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2145 of the Edilbay breed in order to obtain genotypes characterized by a favorable combination of high meat and fat productivity and average tucked-up broadtail.
The stylish and modern interpretations included a snow mink mounted jacket, a pink quilted broadtail -with fur epaulettes - and a mink-and-wool wrap coat.
Not that you can see what's going on with the naked eye--it's all a blur, thanks to the incredible speed of their flapping (a hovering male broadtail, for example, beats its wings 52 times per second).
Marlon Brando in a brown velvet jacket with a black broadtail collar has his arm draped casually over Rita Hayworth's shoulders, but his knuckles--light as a firefly's wings--are tracing the upper flank of my left arm.