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Synonyms for broadtail

the fur of a very young karakul lamb

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hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia

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TWO POINTS may have been dropped but few Nuneaton fans witnessing this superb encounter left Broadtail Way with anything but respect and pride for Steve Burr's men.
Television Network Newsmagazine: "Dateline NBC," for two powerful, sobering exposes -- on puppy mills and on broadtail fur, revealing its cruel and barbaric production.
Each POLOGEORGIS collection is comprised of the finest quality furs, including mink, sable, broadtail, chinchilla, swakara and shearling from around the world.
Broadtail with Fox Fur Sleeve Jacket -- Genuine Metallic Python Trench Coat -- Vest with Mink Trim -- All-over Beaded Mattelasse Dress