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a sword with a broad blade and (usually) two cutting edges

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Mention of Norse broadswords brings me inevitably to Andy "The Viking" Foreman, 29 stone and a man who makes no secret of his liking for the odd pint or ten of lager.
Five of the seven are suspected of breaking into a pub the early morning of July 18 in Fussa, western Tokyo, armed with broadswords, tying up employees and customers using adhesive tape and making off with 800,000 yen in cash and jewels estimated to be worth 3.
We're all getting a little frustrated as a broadsword and mail can cost over pounds 1,000.
The Washington Post says about the D's live show "Brandishing acoustic guitars like broadswords and singing artfully profane tales of dragons slain and wenches ravished, they at once skewer and venerate the Iron Maidens and Judas Priests of the world.
AROUND 1000 weapons including samurai swords, broadswords and daggers were seized in a police raid on a city centre business.
It's Corrie, but with broadswords Sue Perkins Well the park isn't as busy as last week
The audience may gasp as the broadswords clash, but no-one has to worry about a trip to casualty afterwards.
Over the years Terry has worked his way through an armoury of weapons - broadswords, rapiers, sabres, axes and pikes.
The fearsome ladies of Edinburgh's Auld Reekie Roller Girls roller derby team got to grips with some even scarier weaponry yesterday - a collection of 18th century Scottish broadswords.
After they fired their muskets, those who had them, they discarded them and charged, closing with the enemy and using their broadswords and dirks at close quarters.
But then, although these Hagar the Horribles go brilliantly berserk in battle with their two-handed broadswords, there's not much raping and pillaging here.
The problem is that the movie seems to have been hacked about with a two-handed broadsword by its own makers.
com)-- Broadsword Solutions Corporation (Broadsword), a performance innovation company, announced today that it has expanded the availability of CMMIxs (www.
June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Broadsword, one of North America's leading engineering and software performance innovation firms, has launched the Broadsword Speakers Group to help companies improve performance, build better products and create high performing teams.
One of the strategic decisions they made in the software development process was to integrate an automation tool that helped them achieve both Maturity Level II and Maturity Level III simultaneously in less than one year, which is quite an achievement," said President of Broadsword Solutions Jeffrey Dalton.