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a sword with a broad blade and (usually) two cutting edges

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Gamers have been looking for a turn based strategy game on iOS and iPads like BROADSWORD for a long time and now it is a reality," said Manny Granillo, CEO of HR GAMES.
By expanding the program, Broadsword is enabling more companies with under 25 employees to bid on federal contracts that require CMMI maturity levels for small business contractors interested in reaching new markets.
Just like poor old Richard III, leaders have a way of ending up on the wrong end of a broadsword when the battle goes wrong.
The car suffered several slashes and deep broadsword puncture wounds, but was drivable.
Members joined the Broadsword Military Vehicle Group and the 40s Club to bring 15 trucks, jeeps and Land Rovers to his funeral service at Pumpherston Golf Club.
Think, for instance, of modest Derek Wilkes, who served as a stoker aboard HMS Broadsword during the Falklands War and has collapsed and died just hours after collecting for the Poppy Appeal.
A broadsword dating from 1705, with a far older Scottish blade from the 14th Century, was once sold by the same auctioneers.
The film plunges us headlong into one of the most violent and pivotal moments in england in the age of the axe and broadsword.
The colorful window clearly depicts a black-fringed Hitler as Herod, the infamous biblical King renowned for slaughtering children, killing St Jacques - French for St James - who represents the Jewish people, using a broadsword.
Most of that premise is based on the manner in which England beat the Wallabies, not with the broadsword but with the rapier.
In the one-minute trailer - made up largely of brutal scenes of war shot at Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire - Crowe is seen attacking invading troops with a broadsword and firing an arrow with blood splattered across his face.
Rainier Cherry Award: Camp David Enterprises, Dave Mathison; Valley Cherry Award: Malaga Land Company, Brad Selland, Glen Broadsword and Jesus Gutierrez; Hill Cherry Award: Tip Top Orchards, Jack and Troy Toftness; Organic Cherry Award: Stormy Mountain Ranch, Ray Fuller.
Giles has fun as a Norman conqueror armed with a broadsword who can happily eat with his fingers.
Winners have serpentine, compelling plots; powerful narrative voices that seem honest, flawed, human and touching; vivid, unique, enthralling characters, stalking worlds we fearfully dream of entering, and a special quality of writing that smacks you in the face like the flat of a broadsword.
BROADSWORD Interactive - the company behind the chart-topping Dance:UK computer game - has won a six-figure deal to develop new entertainment software for a North American client.