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without regard to specific details or exceptions

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Broadly speaking we should let a lot of this banking regulation settle down.
So even though his entrance was incredibly exciting - and there were moments of greatness in there, broadly speaking his set fell very flat.
Broadly speaking, by consuming the recommended levels of calories each day, you should maintain your current weight.
Each contributor is involved in spiritual counseling and/or accompaniment and comes, broadly speaking, from a Christian background.
Shirley Jones Broadly speaking 16 year olds are not mature enough to vote.
Health is not just being free from disease or any other abnormality but broadly speaking it is a condition of complete physical mental and social wellbeing.
The last thing we need is for next government to embark on another major review of the planning system as the one we currently have is broadly speaking working fairly well.
USPRwire, Fri Sep 19 2014] Broadly speaking, we are sticking with our modest projections for Pakistani port activity.
Broadly speaking, we will support any efforts between the two countries to improve the relationship, to talk about the issues directly, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said the daily briefing.
Broadly speaking, the scope of services is divided into four categories: (1) planning and design/engineering; (2) environmental analyses and documentation; (3) grant management; and
She added "if a US citizen is detained in North Korea, our protecting power, Sweden, does attempt and will have consular access, broadly speaking, if they are allowed to.
Broadly speaking, Middle Eastern equities are having a fantastic 2014 and May was no exception.
Summary: Broadly speaking, there are three types of Palestinians living in Palestine.
Indeed, broadly speaking, consultants fear that the EU may use the US system as a model - where relations between deputies and lobbyists are very strictly defined and regulated.
That same film could earn around $16 million or $17 million in domestic pay TV deals and $15 million in domestic free-to-air TV deals, broadly speaking.