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without regard to specific details or exceptions

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Broadly speaking, he addresses the nature of social science, explanations of human action, issues of interpretation, functionalism and macrosocial science, the intersection of biology and social science, the ethics of social science, and social science contributions to understanding the enduring questions of philosophy.
Broadly speaking IPSCO is looking at a profit level for the fourth quarter similar to the third, and at this juncture the trend is expected to continue into the first quarter of next year, the company said.
Broadly speaking, the cross-referenced entries discuss art, architecture, aviation, comic books and strips, expositions and fairs, fads and games, food and drink, government and culture, literature, magazines, musicians and other individuals, newspapers, radio, social issues, sports, theater, travel, and youth culture.
Broadly speaking, it includes entries on significant books and media, class categories, cultural practices and values, the economy, extant organized or social groups, historical groups, people, places, political ideologies, public policies and debates, social institutions and practices, and theories and concepts.
Broadly speaking, we believe that unilateral sanctions against any country are ineffective, and also place U.
Broadly speaking, the papers address issues of Islam and democracy, which Kisaichi believes are irreconcilable at a generalized level, although noting within people's movements and activism a "feeling of resentment on the part of the common man with regard to power and a unique style of realizing political participation.
Broadly speaking, Japan still looks expensive, and GEIM remains underweighted in this market.
Broadly speaking, the topics covered include arts and popular culture; civil liberties and civil rights; defense and foreign affairs; economy and labor; education; family, community, society; government and politics; health and medicine; legal issues, courts, and crime; race and ethnicity; religion and spiritual issues; science, technology, and the environment.
Broadly speaking, the papers link the issue of development-induced displacement to the activities of multinational corporations, neoliberal economics, and environmental conservation.
Among these, broadly speaking, are anti-lynching and civil rights organizations and activists, government organizations and officials, ideologies and policies, legislation and court cases, newspapers and reporting, racist organizations and leaders, literature and art, social issues, and war and the military.
Broadly speaking, the approximately 300 entries presented in this encyclopedia of human geography cover cartography and geographic information systems, economic geography, geographic theory and history, political geography, social and cultural geography, and urban geography.
She added "if a US citizen is detained in North Korea, our protecting power, Sweden, does attempt and will have consular access, broadly speaking, if they are allowed to.
Broadly speaking, Middle Eastern equities are having a fantastic 2014 and May was no exception.
Lean methodologies and tools are, broadly speaking, a set of approaches that emphasize the elimination of waste and the creation of flow within an enterprise in order to best respond to fluctuating customer demands and requirements.
Broadly speaking it is the same for home as well as foreign consumption.