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We ought to start a society for broadening the minds of the young--much more useful than missionaries, Hester
Ahead and toward the right, across sheer ridges of the mountains, separated by deep green canyons and broadening lower down into rolling orchards and vineyards, they caught their first sight of Sonoma Valley and the wild mountains that rimmed its eastern side.
A wide plain, where the broadening Floss hurries on between its green banks to the sea, and the loving tide, rushing to meet it, checks its passage with an impetuous embrace.
The online systems that Tricell currently use is the envy of those involved in distribution networks and this contract signals an important step for the company in broadening its operations in an exiting and profitable sector.
These initiatives, in combination with our recent establishment of a new research team in Cambridge, Massachusetts, continue our strategy of broadening our services offered and companies served to become the service partner of choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.
Siemens mobile, the Information and Communication Group of Siemens AG, is broadening its football sponsorship in China.
However, by broadening the fund's investment strategy, the fund's advisor, M&G Investment Management Limited of London, will also be permitted to invest in the stocks of companies that focus on non-precious metals and minerals (such as nickel, copper, zinc or other common metals or minerals).
We are now broadening our retail distribution which enables us to lower the price for the HD1000, and pass the savings to consumers.
While this transaction achieves the objectives of bringing in additional business expertise to Hamilton Lane (in the persons of Hartley Rogers, Griff Sexton and Marty Nelson) and broadening employee ownership of the firm, it does so while maintaining the people and structures that have driven Hamilton Lane's growth and success over the past decade.
Many have asked questions about broadening assignments for Army Warrant Officers.
Unfortunately, Ata Jurt party leaders found broadening of the parliamentary coalition of the majority premature," Prime Minister's Adviser Farid Niyazov told AKIpress.
The big push for broadening NAFTA came with the Bush administration's multi-year effort to expand NAFTA to every country in the Western Hemisphere under an agreement to create a Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA.
In this thus much-needed, ambitious, and remarkable study, Maureen Healy makes important contributions to both fields by bringing the Habsburg Empire into a comparative dialogue and by broadening our understanding of Austrian politics and the internal process of disintegration of the Habsburg Empire.
WASHINGTON -- As the premier logistics training program in the Air Force, the logistics career broadening program provides logistics officers the chance to attain specialized knowledge in their career field.
The Doppler Effect causes a broadening of the spectral lines obtained from gaseous samples.