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a densely textured woolen fabric with a lustrous finish

a closely woven silk or synthetic fabric with a narrow crosswise rib

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The cartridge pleating method works best with a mediumweight fabric that keeps folds and presses well, such as linen, cotton broadcloth, drapier quilting cottons or cotton/linen blends.
gt;> 1 yard of broadcloth (scarlet, dark indigo/navy blue, or black.
Most of the original products remain in the current survey in some variant, although a few, such as wool broadcloth, granite plates and teacups, and wooden pails and tubs, have become obsolete.
I have cut out the body of the piano from black broadcloth which I want you to pad with cotton and place in the right spot to fit on the legs.
7%): at home, baby, baby shower, barbecue, bill, birthday cake, book, boy-scout, bowling, brass, bride maid, bridge, broadcloth, buffet supper, bunch, business meeting, cake, cambric, camp fire, charcoal, chassis, chauffeur, clipper, clubman, club house, club room, clutch, cocktail party, cocoa, community college, corduroy, crash, creche, crepe, dial, doily, dollar, dry cleaning, easter lilies, ferry, ferry boat, film, flower girl, fraternity, french poodle, fruit cake, galalith, grand dinner, hand-printed, heatherspun, high-ball, hit, impromptu, jack pot, jacket, jazz-band, jersey, junior, junior bride maid, keno, kindergarten, kitchen shower, leader, linin, living room, long cloth, lunch, maid of honor, mayor, minimum, mink, money order, moss, movietone, Mr.
Tenders Are Invited For Supply Of White Broadcloth Material - Pe
To create the space, located in a 19th-century building on the city's Inventory of Historical Monuments list, the firm drew upon Francophile iconography at once reminiscent of vintage broadcloth shirts and the signature stripes of conceptual artist Daniel Buren's site-specific installations, outfitting the space in wall trims of lapis blue, carmine red ivory, and satiny aluminum.
New applications for kenaf have been developed in the pulp and paper industry for oil absorption as a potting medium in the manufacture of broadcloth in filtration and as an additive in animal feed [4].
1596-1597), for instance, Deloney celebrates the hard work, good fortune, and advancement of a broadcloth weaver.
Cultural exchange was marvelously on view in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's recent major exhibition "Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500-1800," which brought together objects such as a Canadian Malecite chiefs headdress made of British red wool broadcloth, or a French cotton textile block-printed with scenes from the transadantic slave trade.
It is also a harsh reality, and modern filmmakers have to embrace horror as more of an element than a category, a signifier patterned into the broadcloth of character and theme as old-fashioned and pedagogical as that may sound.
in dark Broadcloth alone against that wind without A flinch--black hair and eyes-- charcoal mustache-- The face too white--soft collar wide and rolled Like scribblers' in a boulevard cafe.
Only a few of these early associations were organized "out of broadcloth.
We call our hot box design the "Wonder Box," and it's made by sewing soft cotton or broadcloth into a circular shape that will wrap around your cooking pot.
Women's Broadcloth Slips that you have sold thousands of dozens of at 25 cents each, today's price $2.