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Synonyms for broadcaster

someone who broadcasts on radio or television

a mechanical device for scattering something (seed or fertilizer or sand etc


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Two innovative products have helped shape the future of online broadcasting for years: 1) SAM[TM] Broadcaster, a fully-featured automation system for online broadcasters, and 2) StreamAds[TM], a central platform to schedule, track, and manage the advertising inventory for a station or a whole network of stations.
DCFRN is also moving into broadcaster education to assist in the development of the scripts and how the message is relayed to the audience.
Today, the broadcaster employs over 100 foreign journalists, and operates 24 hours a day, beaming by satellite to 100 countries on five continents.
Broadcaster is also in discussions with major studios, cable and television networks, music labels, and game producers to become a gateway for the direct delivery of first run movies, popular television shows, music and online games.
Add to that a 30-minute radio broadcast live on the Linder Farm Network during lunch with a farm broadcaster as MC and you have a winner.
radio broadcaster with 86 stations render ownership.
Such copying could undermine the revenue potential of high-quality content, which otherwise could be resold to local broadcasters through syndication or repackaged as VHS tapes and DVDs for sale or rental.
And while the Children's Television Act was largely toothless from its passage in 1990 until quantitative rules were established six years later, the general principle of making service to children a requirement for license renewal set a precedent that broadcasters could hardly ignore.
corporate welfare history, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on April 7 donated broadcast licenses for digital television to existing broadcasters.
The Remote Video code is available for free in the "Tools" section of the Broadcaster.
Today, the largest black-controlled radio broadcaster is Radio One, a former BE 100s company and 2000 Company of the Year.
Edward Fritts, president of the NAB, called the lobbying effort "the greatest outpouring of broadcaster concern in modern history," which, sadly enough, may be true.
Powerlink provides an incentive for copyright owners to upload content into Broadcaster's video community by providing a promotional hyperlink at the end of video clips viewed on Broadcaster.
If you're a small broadcaster and you go on the same frequency as a major broadcaster, you don't interfere - you get drowned out.
In our first five months, we were so successful in marketing the site that we surpassed our first year's goals of page views and site visits reaching an astounding record of over 62 million unique visitors in March and April according to Google Analytics," said Martin Wade III, Chief Executive Officer of Broadcaster, Inc.
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