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a journalist who broadcasts on radio or television

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I know how to cook, while my wife (former broadcast journalist Rossel Velasco) knows how to eat," Taberna said after the opening of his cafe's newest branch along Timog Avenue, Quezon City.
It's instructive to see how some 'younger' female broadcast journalists are currently making decisive moves to step up to a more 'significant' hierarchy of 'stellar' clout and importance.
Jemima on Tuesday congratulated via Twitter the PTI leader on "this new phase of his life," alluding to his reported marriage to broadcast journalist Reham Khan.
Alarab News Channel has also announced the appointment of a number of other young, aspiring broadcast journalists to join its news programing team from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other neighboring countries.
A report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer said broadcast journalist Armando Pace was killed in the city in 2006, while in 2010, three gun-wielding assassins murdered Nestor Bedolido.
Mike Kirkup, senior lecturer in media studies at the university, said: "Steph maintains close links with Middlesbrough and by visiting the university she has been able to provide our media and journalism students with an inside view of what it's like to be a broadcast journalist on national television.
Throughout her five decades on the air, Walters has been one of the most recognizable broadcast journalists in the world.
Linda is such a good sport and a topnotch broadcast journalist.
Azami is an award-winning broadcast journalist working for the BBC World Service in London.
What does a career as a broadcast journalist involve?
The late Charles Kuralt, an award-winning broadcast journalist, explained why he spent a lifetime writing about people on the backroads of America by saying: "I've always wondered where the roads went.
She also was a broadcast journalist, working at TV stations in North Carolina and Louisiana.
Broadcast journalist Judy Woodruff will speak at the opening general session of the 2010 Congressional City Conference on March 15 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.
Francesca, who has almost 30 years' communications experience, is a former print and broadcast journalist and has worked in PS R at a senior level both in-house and agency-side in the UK and abroad.
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