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the area over which a radio or tv transmission can be received

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The router's name will be visible as a broadcast point (also known as a hotspot) to you or anyone else trying to connect to a wireless network in the router's broadcast area.
Station officials said the new equipment will improve signal quality and broaden WCUW's broadcast area.
Ofcom has rapped BBC North West Tonight over a McFly competition which Merseyside school pupils and children in other parts of its broadcast area had no chance of winning.
And while the broadcast area is limited the show wants to build an on-line audience across the region and so has invited contributions from the Teesside pyramid community.
But the question remains of whether or not KVOS' broadcast area, which runs north to Whistler, B.
If you live outside the broadcast area, you can listen DURING THE SHOW via audio streaming on the Internet.
By 1999 the government had already fined 120 of these stations, many of them very small operations, very limited in broadcast area, serving rural indigenous communities.
Any time a local TV news operation runs out of ideas for its next shocking expose, plan B is likely to involve digging into health inspections on restaurants in the broadcast area.
The problem is, it's like power-washing the airwaves, and it bleeds over into the public broadcast area.
Also, since HD requires a fairly strong signal to be picked up, receivers will jump between the digital and analog signals on the fringes of a station's broadcast area.
This range is in the C-band television broadcast area of 950 MHz and 1450 MHz.
At one stage, before Sky arrived, European rules meant a kick-about anywhere in the broadcast area would be enough to put the few live games that were shown into doubt.
The network has decided instead to split its broadcast area for the 1:30 p.
The broadcast area covers most of greater Los Angeles County, and parts of Ventura and Orange counties.
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