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Antonyms for broad-mindedness

an inclination to tolerate or overlook opposing or shocking opinions or behavior

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Lasting change in the part of the personality known as openness, which includes traits related to imagination, aesthetics, feelings, abstract ideas and general broad-mindedness was found in nearly 51 participants in the study who were administered the compound.
Displaying tact, sensitivity, broad-mindedness, and vision, he prevented starvation and thus won over Emperor Hirohito and his people, imposed a democratic constitution on Japan, insisted on equal rights for women, reformed the educational system, improved the Japanese medical system, and made strides in restarting the economy that had been virtually destroyed by air attacks during the war.
But as not all the residents of Walford are known for their broad-mindedness, things should get interesting.
The ability to communicate with different groups of people from whatever background, ie sexuality, ethnicity, age, professional, public, a sense of humour and broad-mindedness
And the film helps make a case for openness and broad-mindedness no less than for broad comedy.
And last year, during the controversy on allowing gays into the military, the court declared that the hallmarks of a democracy are "tolerance and broad-mindedness.
Provides a sound foundation for the environment of tolerance, broad-mindedness and acceptance in the UAE;
The study also found that mavericks are more likely to be extroverts, Another personality factor related to maverickism, the research found, is openness to experience, which encourages "the broad-mindedness of individuals towards the unconventional and fostering of new ideas".
Broad-mindedness is an inborn virtue, which only a few possess.
His proficiency with his instruments and musical broad-mindedness have made Youssef the darling of European fans of ambient electronic jazz.
But what inspires them here is the sense of spontaneous and daring risk-taking, together with a broad-mindedness that understands nothing is out of bounds in jazz.
John and Gaga struck up a friendship after performing together at the Grammy Awards last year, and Furnish further praised the singer for her broad-mindedness and personal connection to her fans.