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having relatively broad rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves

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Particularly popular in pots are broad-leafed cannas, towering banana and hemp plants, castor beans, huge elephant ear-shaped colocasias and alocasias, calla lilies, caladiums, tuberous begonias, dahlias, curcuma (gingers), gloriosa lilies and eucomis (pineapple plants), says Ferguson.
As it is selective it has no effect on the lawn but will control all broad-leafed weeds.
If you have lots of chickweed, dock, dandelion, plantain, or other broad-leafed perennial weeds in your lawn, apply a post-emergence systemic herbicide to control them (systemic herbicides circulate throughout the plant, killing all parts, including the roots).
The broad-leafed French sorrel has a marvellous sharp, slightly vinegary taste, and American land cress is a superb substitute for water cress.
Combines well with other grasses and broad-leafed plants, or with boulders in rock gardens.
Broad-leafed, tender perennial with terminal clusters (as big as 12 inches) of richly fragrant flowers.
Common Chinese leek plants have fairly narrow leaves (there's also a broad-leafed type) and produce white flowers in late summer.
Bunching onions, and broad-leafed, common, and Chinese leek flowers.
This behavior is common in broad-leafed trees such as aspen and black oak, but a deciduous conifer is almost a contradiction in terms.
An ornate pot should contain a simple planting--a broad-leafed foliage plant, for example.
For a 12-inch-diameter wreath, gather about a medium-size trash bag full of foliage from evergreen plants (consider both broad-leafed and needle-like foliage).
Its narrow leaves have less much appeal to deer than broad-leafed kinds such as "Ray Hartman' (below)
Other suggested ingredients are chervil, various chicories (curly endive, broad-leafed endive or escarole, radicchio), and lettuces, especially loose-leaf and romaine types.
You can also "walk through' six ecologicalcommunities--grasslands, chaparral, coniferous and broad-leafed forests, the bay, and the coast.
Hardwoods come from broad-leafed trees such as oak, madrone, and eucalyptus.