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a railroad track (or its width) broader than the standard 56

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Gus Blanchard is a broad-gauge technology executive, and Charlie Dickson is a solid financial manager.
Govt planned to install a broad-gauge single railway track on the bridge to connect the country's largest land port Benapole with the capital.
Felix is a broad-gauge talent who will further strengthen an already strong board," said Daniel F.
The modernization will consist of reconstruction of the existing standard gauge track and outdoor lighting, adjustment of telecommunication lines and relocation of LV and HV switching, water supply and drainage, construction of new slip and collecting ramps, establishing a new broad-gauge track, catenary and adjusting the level crossing structures.
The A 922 Rail is available with optional four-point supports and can, depending on the intended work area, be supplied with a rail-track undercarriage for broad-gauge rail systems or a friction drive wheel for narrow-gauge systems.